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The FIRST Message....
« le: 06 Octobre 2009 à 15:24:06 »
 It's the most difficult one, the first message...

This lifeline that you do not dare to thrown into the unknown...

These words that you hesitate confiding to others...

These feelings that you do not always find here and yet which are within you today...

Here, all and every one of us are parents, like you, asking the same questions as you...We are all ready to support you in your "current" place and to follow you on your journey...

We are here to welcome you and confort you one day

Isabelle and Lucy
Maman d'Aude, Edouard, Hugues, Laurent et Emmanuel, né et décédé le 18 février 2002 (trisomie 18 et hernie du diaphragme, décelés à 12 SA)


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Re : The FIRST Message....
« Réponse #1 le: 20 Octobre 2009 à 13:16:06 »
As you know Isabelle I am neither English nor American but I do speak English so I will have a look some time to time to write back to parents who need help.

béatrice (maman d'Augustin né en 2002, de Pierre-Louis né en 2003, de Nicolas né en 2005, de Paul né en 2006 et de Joseph né et décédé le 20 mars 2009)