Soins palliatifs et accompagnement en maternité

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Titre: An article received from the US….
Posté par: isabelle le 15 mai 2014 à 07:58:32

On our SPAMA email address, I got this message and wish to share it with all of you who can read or speak english…
Have a good day

"Hello all.

This month on my blog I feature an essay written by a mother and published in Real Simple magazine, about her experience turning away from intensive care for her critically ill newborn. She beautifully demonstrates how accepting hospice care is an act of courage, selflessness, and love, countering the judgement often heaped on these parents that they are weak, selfish, and careless. I also say bravo to Real Simple to showcasing this story as the winner of their "bravery" themed essay contest.

Thanks for all you do.